About Us

Mystic Moon Soapworks is a small handcrafted bath and body company located in Lancaster, PA. Started in 2019. All of our soaps and body care products are made by hand using only the finest quality vegan oils, butters, botanicals and ingredients.  We take skin care seriously and that's why we use natural fair trade, sustainable plant oils (no animal oils here!) and butters that nourish your skin without any harsh chemicals. We research and test all of our recipes before we bring them to you, crafted the old fashioned way, made in small batches with love!

We believe that personal care is important, and we take great joy in creating and bringing to you products you can feel good about purchasing. Taking time for yourself is necessary especially in today's crazy life.  Self care isn't selfish, you are important! You will feel more connected to your family and the world around you if your mental health and overall well-being is in a good place. A little self- pampering makes a healthier, happier you! 

Thank you for supporting our small business!